SixThirty Portfolio


Abode is a flat-fee home buying and selling platform with end-to-end transaction management solutions.

Assembly Payments

Assembly Payments provides an embeddable escrow payment flow that’s purpose-built for marketplaces.

Asset Map

Asset Map provides a personal financial data visualization tool to complement financial planning and strengthen customer engagement.


Atidot is empowering the life insurance industry with big data and predictive analytics.

Axe Trading

A trading solution enabling sell-side, buy-side, brokerages, and exchanges to profit from the electronification of the fixed income market while adhering to regulations.


Bandura is a revenue-producing cyber security software company delivering automated IP threat intelligence technologies to stop network cyber attacks and data leakage.


Bankjoy provides full online and mobile banking solutions for community banks and credit unions, enabling them to provide their customers with an advanced digital banking experience.


Bitspark is an all in one solution for money transfer operators (MTOs) and individuals to send money cheaper, faster and more securely by using Blockchain technology as the mode of transfer.


Bloq delivers enterprise grade blockchain technology to leading companies worldwide.


BondIT drives sales by empowering relationship managers and trading desks with data-driven, personalized, optimal investment recommendations, thus increasing trade flow and revenues.


Brella is a new supplement health insurance company built from the ground up to be modern and tech-forward across product, distribution, and claims management.

Bridge Financial Technology

BridgeFT builds automated SaaS solutions for financial advisors to radically streamline their operations, enhance client interactions, and scale their businesses faster.


CardUp is a credit card enablement platform, increasing card acceptance for making and collecting large transaction payments.

CFX Markets

CFX Markets solves the broken, inefficient and painful process investors face when liquidating their minority alternative asset position, currently focused on the $90-billion-dollar non-listed REIT market.


CheddarGetter is a billing API engineered to maximize recurring revenue. CheddarGetter cuts billing systems development time by 90% while increasing top line revenue by as much as 10%.


Cirrus automates tasks related to loan document collection, collaboration, and storage.


ClearServe combines reporting efficiency with superior design and usability to help Family Offices and other Private Investors understand true risk exposures and make better investment management decisions.


A platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that enables the digital distribution of insurance products through traditional and non-traditional channels.


CNote is an impact investment platform enabling investment in the causes and communities that matter to you.


CogniCor is an artificial intelligence (AI) based cognitive virtual assistant platform that drives customer engagement for enterprises.

Data Simply

Data Simply turns company SEC filings into signals by machine-reading them like a financial analyst, so investment professionals can save time, reduce risk, and make better decisions.

DAVO Technologies

DAVO Technologies provides a unique solution to merchants that virtually eliminates their involvement in collecting, filing and paying sales tax.

Denim Social

Denim Social provides software for social media management within the financial services industry.


Elucidate is a SaaS-based solution for quantifying and predicting Financial Crime risk using a combination of personal, public, and proprietary data.


Ensygnia is the world’s most secure, consumer convenient, patent protected, electronic payment and interaction system for online and screen-based purchasing using your mobile.

Fenris Digital

Proprietary data enrichment and analytics engine that delivers optimized point of quote experiences and improved conversion rates.


FinLocker is a consumer-enabled financial locker that reduces costs and risks for lenders via actionable financial information throughout the entire loan lifecycle.


Finomial provides fund administrators, fund managers, and other financial institutions with a client-lifecycle management platform with a focus on regulatory compliance.

FinTech Studios

A revolutionary AI-based intelligent search and analytics platform for Wall Street.


ForwardLane provides an AI insights platform for wealth managers, asset managers, and commercial banks.


A student debt repayment and refinancing platform for the employee benefit stack.


Genivity is an award-winning AI software platform that helps financial professionals plan for longevity, health risks, and elder care costs


Hexanika is a seamless regulatory reporting software. It puts big data to work by providing simplified, scalable products and services to tackle rapid change, regulatory pressures and increasing global competition.


Hydrogen a worldwide ecosystem for better, simpler, fairer, more transparent, and more affordable financial products.

Imburse Payments

Imburse provides insurers a single platform for connecting to all payment technologies and payment providers.

Investment POD

Investment POD is the first multi-strategy digital wealth-management platform that enables financial advisors to reinvent themselves through a fully integrated and customized solution.


Just.Cash is a technology and infrastructure company that provides mobile access to cash and P2P money transfers using the existing ATM and POS network.

Lapetus Solutions

Lapetus integrates the science of aging with machine learning to enable life expectancy and life event prediction.

Lending Standard

Lending Standard provides a secure platform that lenders and attorneys use to generate commercial loan documents.


LendingFront offers incumbent lenders the platform to rapidly enter or expand into the online small business lending market without having to build new or modify legacy systems.


mx51 develops a bank-grade, modern, end-to-end Payment as a Service platform. Empowering banks to connect seamlessly with merchants and their customers.


NestReady places mortgage lenders at the center of the homebuying experience.

New Constructs

An independent stock, ETF and mutual fund research firm, New Constructs delivers unrivaled insights into the true cash flows and valuation of equity securities.

OpenFinance Network

OpenFinance Network is a U.S. regulated trading platform for digital alternative assets.


The PayGround platform simplifies healthcare provider payments, by offering businesses of all sizes a modernized payment request solution, allowing individuals to pay all of their providers through a single easy-to-use application.


PayKey enables banks to provide their users with peer-to-peer payment options while they are engaged in social interactions. Making the payment experience intuitive, contextual and simple.


Plinqit is a goal-based savings solution and content platform for banks.


Popwallet is a marketing automation platform, providing leading brands with a new way to communicate with their audiences


Rippleshot detects payment card data breaches, usually long before credit card issuers or merchants have any idea of the breach occurring.


S4 generates the information streams needed for financial markets to absorb Ag volatility. S4 provides financial risk managers in the Ag space with actionable data on the portfolio.

Sandbox Banking

Sandbox is a software integration and deployment platform that allows financial institutions to safely and securely evaluate and implement new technologies all while using their own live data.


Sharegain is a technology company focused on democratizing the long-standing practice of securities lending in capital markets.

Sightline Innovation

Blockchain data trust platform that facilitates the secure and monetized transfer of data to be used for commercial purposes.


Sonect reduces ‘cost of cash’ distribution for banks and simplifies in-store cash management for merchants

Status Money

Status Money is a PFM app/social network that enables users to anonymously compare finances with peers, get recommendations, and share knowledge.


Sureify enables insurers to digitally engage with their policyholders


TCare is an evidence-based long-term care (LTC) platform for measuring and reducing caregiver burnout.

The ID Co.

The ID Co. proves your identity purely online for all those times you need to create trust.


Upside’s automated managed account platform uses cutting-edge technology to help advisors manage and service clients who want modern investment services.


VidVerify is a non-intrusive compliance and regulatory verification through video viewing and data analytics. Next generation video communication platform for the mortgage, banking, and real estate markets.


Driving better financial health outcomes by providing death and disability coverage adapted to changing life situations.

Wealth Access

Wealth Access is an intuitive wealth management platform designed for financial advisors and high net worth clients to better communicate and manage wealth.


A platform that provides multi-asset class analysis, research, and data for ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) compliance.