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Bring the boldest ideas home.

We are a global venture capital and advisory firm driving collaboration to help institutions strengthen competitiveness and accelerate growth.

That’s the power of SixThirty’s Collaboration Platform.

In a world of speed to scale and market, the underappreciated factor of B2B investing is speed to trust. We believe this is foundation of transformative relationships – and it’s what we offer. Your leaders will get an inside look at key innovations, engaging one-on-one with founders to develop and absorb advances in fintech, insurtech, privacy and digital health.

Access cutting-edge innovations

Build formal relationships with emerging companies

Evaluate, advise and coach startups

Network with other category leaders

Investing in verticals that are ripe for disruption.

SixThirty provides leverage to engage with the startup ecosystem with efficiency, structure and cohesion. Our integrated model drives corporate innovation, strategic partnerships and investment returns.

Wealth and Asset Management • Payments • Insurance • Healthcare • Core Processing • Cyber Security, Fraud and Privacy • Regulatory, Risk and Compliance

Meet our corporate LPs.

Make innovation your advantage.