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Nurturing speed to trust in all that we do.

On the banks of the Mississippi in our hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, the Gateway Arch stands 630 feet tall.

This monument to a pioneering spirit that shaped a nation inspired our exploration of bold ideas that can shape the world.

SixThirty is more than a venture capital firm. We’re a connector, a gateway, between startups and corporate partners with the resources and expertise to help bring their ideas to market.

It’s a journey that starts with big ideas, but that’s just the beginning. It requires a commitment to do whatever it takes to move forward. A commitment to share, to learn and to grow. It’s a commitment we make every day – and we’re looking for startups and institutions who are ready to join us.

Meet the team that makes it happen.

Atul Kamra
Managing Partner

Chandresh Iyer
General Partner

David Fairman
Venture Partner and CISO-in-Residence

Dustin Wilcox
Venture Partner and CISO-in-Residence

Joel Brightfield

Molly Hoffmeyer
Director of Corporate Partnerships

Samarth Shekhar
Regional Manager, EMEA

Evan Thorpe
Principal, Asia Pacific

Andrew Wegrzyn

Erika White
Partnership Manager

Build a career launching big ideas.

Identifying and investing in the most innovative new technologies means we need a team of bold thinkers. If you’re ready to look at venture capital in new ways to help startups grow and thrive, we’d love to talk to you.

Start your journey forward.

We’re Hiring!