SixThirty CYBER Portfolio analyzes traffic PII usage to identify cases of personal data processing to give organizations a holistic view of the way they store, process and share personal data.


AppsCo enables users to securely manage access to their company’s applications while presenting easier visibility on company audits and reports.

Arx Nimbus

Arx Nimbus reduces cyber risk through mathematically quantifying risk dimensions into financial terms.


Bandura Cyber helps combat cyber threats in enterprise and government networks by delivering innovative network security solutions.


Botdoc is the Secure “FedEX” of internet Data; transporting sensitive information, data and documents easily through cyberspace.

Boxx Insurance

Combining the best of data science, threat intelligence, and insurance underwriting to transform how we assess and price cyber risk.

Cyber Observer

Cyber Observer is holistic, practical cybersecurity management and awareness solution for CISOs and C-Level executives.

Cyber Skyline

Cyber Skyline offers a cloud-based solution to help enterprises vet, train, and measure a team’s technical cybersecurity skills.


Enterprise cyber compliance and risk management platform that allows organizations to manage the entire cyber readiness cycle under one roof.


Next generation cyber threat intelligence company combining threat intel and machine learning to stop threats early-on.


IXDen creates dynamic environment-based device identity and multi-factor authentication for any IoT device.


Prevent data leakage by enabling businesses to locate critical information automatically using artificial intelligence.

Nucleus Cyber

An AI-driven platform with data-centric protection capabilities that help minimize data loss and misuse of sensitive classified data.


Data protection and classification platform which helps companies reduce costs and risks by purging useless data and identify critical data.

Onion ID

Onion ID is a cloud based, SaaS solution that allows businesses and teams to control access across all properties.


PatternEx combines the power of humans and machines into an AI system that detects cyber threats at scale and in real time.


Protego provides serverless security technology providing unmatched visibility, security, and control over serverless applications from development to runtime.


A comprehensive cloud-based protection shield for web platform.


Seclytics delivers the industry’s only science-based platform, that hunts adversaries in the wild, during their setup stages, and delivers accurate, verifiable and actionable Attack Predictions.

Security Advisor Alliance

Security Advisor Alliance

Cybersecurity-focused charitable organization uniting the cybersecurity industry to give back to living and working communities.

Sightline Innovation

Blockchain data trust platform that facilitates the secure and monetized transfer of data to be used for commercial purposes.


Silverfort introduces an innovative solution for securing authentication and authorization inside corporate networks.

Source Defense

Source Defense is real-time protection for online entities from 3rd party originated attacks.


Security orchestration, automation, and response platform. Streamlines and automates IR to remediate incidents faster, before the breach.


ThirdPartyTrust enables third-party risk professionals to better manage vendor risk via automation, communication, and collaboration.

Trust Stamp

Identity & Trust as a Service for FinTech and the P2P & Sharing Economies.


Zighra is an Adaptive behavioral security solution using machine learning and sensor analytics.