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Absorb Innovation to Enhance Your Competitive Edge

At SixThirty, we know what it’s like to be internal innovators at large companies because we’ve been there.  We know the excitement and the risks that leaders take when engaging with new ideas, and especially with startups.

That’s why our Collaboration Platform is focused on providing Corporate Partners with a panoramic view of the entire FinTech, InsurTech and Cybersecurity landscape, the structure needed to engage effectively with the most promising ideas, and ongoing leadership engagement to help you on your path to growth.

SixThirty allows us to find innovative ways to improve our business for our customers, our partners, and our employees. By working with their network, we can get a broader perspective on new opportunities.

Emily Reitan

VP, Strategy & Business Development, Allianz Life

SixThirty’s Corporate Partner Engagement Model

SixThirty Go-To-Market Program

The SixThirty Go-To-Market Program is designed for our startups to fast-track their growth, and for our Mentors to grow their capabilities in leadership, strategic thinking, and industry knowledge.

As a Mentor, you can expect to gain significant value from your experience with SixThirty. For example:

  • Gain a panoramic view of innovation within FinTech, InsurTech and Cybersecurity, and help to foster an innovative culture within your own organization
  • Have the opportunity to work with innovators and experiment with absorbing new technology
  • Make connections and network with peers, including other mentors and founders of portfolio companies

Corporate Partners

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