Mentors & Investment Committee

B2B & Enterprise startups face unique challenges, and SixThirty’s mentorship is well-positioned to help our portfolio company founders address these, head on.  For this reason, SixThirty places quality mentorship at the center of how we work with portfolio company founders, beginning with the Go-To-Market Program and well beyond its formal end.

Unique Challenges Faced by B2B Startups

  • Access to the right people at potential clients
  • Navigating multi-layered decision making structures
  • Understanding drivers of adoption
  • Managing and growing customer relationships

How SixThirty Mentors Help

  • Extensive networks in financial services, insurance, information security
  • Executive experience from leading industry incumbents
  • Deep knowledge of how to find success in large organizations
  • Enterprise sales expertise to optimize customer relationships

Mentors & Investment Committee

Bob Olwig

Global Head of Enterprise Sales, World Wide Technology

Brian Muench

VP of Investment Management, Allianz Life

Chandresh Iyer

Former Chief Executive Officer, BNY Mellon Alternative Investment Services

Chris Sawall

VP, U.S. Special Compliance Security Officer, Bayer

David Rogers

VP, Cloud Security Business Development, Netskope

Emily Reitan

VP, Strategy & Business Development, Allianz Life

Gary Chan

Mentor, Former Head of Information Security at World Wide Technology

George Sconyers

Senior Information Security Officer, Defense Information Agency

Jason Adair

Director of Cybersecurity Sales, Micro Focus

Jason Clark

Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, Netskope

Jason Shinn

Chief Information Officer, Enterprise Bank

Jim Blatt

Former Vice President of CRM Solutions, Ellie Mae

Joel Junkans

Principal, Financial Service Advisory, Ernst & Young

Joey Smith

Chief Information Security Officer, Schnucks Markets

Jon Brickey

Senior Vice President Cybersecurity, Mastercard

Matt Horner

Global Enterprise Sales, World Wide Technology

Mike McGlynn

Vice President of Security Solutions, World Wide Technology

Philip Farah

Head of Digital Transformation Group, World Wide Technology

Ram Nagappan

Chief Information Officer, BNY Mellon Pershing

Rich Watson

Vice President of Information Security, Enterprise Bank & Trust

Ron Green

Chief Information Security Officer, Mastercard

Sara Elinson

Principal of Financial Transactions Leader, EY

Tom Sholes

Head of Financial Solutions, BNY Mellon Pershing

Vlad Klasnja

Director, Cloud Architecture Services, Netskope