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SixThirty is a venture firm that invests in early-stage enterprise technology companies from around the world building solutions in the FinTech, InsurTech, Digital Health and Information Security sectors.

As investors and sponsors, corporate partners gain leverage, structure, and safety for leaders and internal innovators to authentically engage with startups.

You will participate in startup due diligence and investment decisions, collaborate with and coach startup founders, co-invest, and execute POCs.

Pershing’s partnership with SixThirty speeds up our ability to engage leaders with the technologies of tomorrow. By working side by side with promising tech startups, we’re better prepared to execute on external innovation opportunities.

Ram Nagappan

Chief Information Officer, BNY Mellon Pershing

Why Partner with SixThirty?

SixThirty focuses on creating value for our corporate partners, from building competitive intelligence and identifying promising ideas/startups to engaging senior leaders and enabling our partners to absorb innovation.


By joining the investment committee and mentor team, leaders from across incumbents interact with their peers by evaluating innovative ideas and sharing strategies to effectively collaborate with startups.


SixThirty’s Collaboration Platform allows you to engage your business areas with more startups, and provides structure and safety to work with promising ideas and fast track your innovation agenda.


SixThirty’s operating model delivers a uniquely practical, yet highly cost-efficient approach for corporates to invest in their innovation agendas and strengthen their competitiveness.

Spark, with Structure & Safety

Market Intelligence

SixThirty builds a global pipeline of the most promising ideas, and gives you full, organized access to build your expertise in this fast-paced world.

Engage & Inspire
Interact directly with top FinTech, InsurTech and Cybersecurity startups from around the world, and strategize about how these will affect your business.

Structure & Safety
Through SixThirty’s highly structured engagement model, you will not only see the best ideas, but also interact with them across the innovation value chain.


Constant innovation is critical to growing your competitive edge, and the world is rapidly evolving. SixThirty helps your leaders engage startups that are relevant to your business.

Engage & Inspire
As part of your innovation strategy, SixThirty helps you see deeper into the future, and our engagement model can help you determine when to build, when to buy, and when to partner.

Structure & Safety
Being an internal innovator can feel risky, for you and for your organization. SixThirty’s Collaboration Platform builds in a process so that your leaders can feel confident championing a new technology, product, or tool.

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